Recognizing the symptoms of wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD)

The sooner you can recognize the symptoms, the more likely you will be able to protect your vision. Although there may not be anything noticeable in the early stages of the disease, look out for these warning signs:

  • Blurry vision
  • Straight lines appearing wavy, distorted or fractured
  • Seeing blurry or dark spots, especially in the center of your vision
  • Difficulty distinguishing colors or contrasts
  • Increasing sensitivity to bright lights or there may be trouble adjusting from bright to dim light. Vision may also improve at night
  • Close work, like knitting or reading, becoming impossible
You may have only a few of these symptoms, and they may change from day to day. If you have experienced any of these at any time, talk to your doctor immediately.

See what it's like to have wAMD

  • Normal vision rose-Photograph depicting normal vision. It shows pink flowers in a clear vase on a lace tablecloth sitting next to a white mug and saucer. The mug has coffee in it.
  • Normal vision crossword-Photograph depicting normal vision. It shows a close up of a crossword puzzle.
  • Normal vision alarm clock-Photograph depicting normal vision. It shows a close up of an alarm clock.
  • wAMD vision rose
  • wAMD vision crossword
  • wAMD vision alarm clock-Photograph depicting vision with wAMD. It shows a close up of an alarm clock that is distorted, the alarm clock is wavy and it fades to black in the middle.
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